Thursday 22 May 2014

New blogging adventure :)

Hi everyone and welcome to my (our) brand new Mummy & Baby Blog! I couldn't be more excited about this new adventure and I can't wait to get started. I have lots of blog posts planned already and I recently started adding vlogs from our little days out to my youtube channel

I felt quite restricted on my beauty blog and I didn't want to turn it into a big medley, so creating my 'mummy space' on the Internet was something I have been planning for a long time. I wish I have started sooner, but hey... better late than never! We are planning another baby for 2015, so it will also be my pregnancy blog in the future. I am sooo excited!

If you haven't  heard about my little boy yet, his name is Zachary and he is turning 3 next month. I still can't believe it to be honest, because I feel like I gave birth to him recently (I also look like it, haha). 

Let me know, if you have any baby/mummy blog post requests and I will add the topics to my diary.

You can now follow Mummy & Baby Blog on Bloglovin as well and we would be delighted if you joined us on this new adventure :)

Love, Sandra zzz


  1. Looking forward to sharing mummy blogging adventures with you :)


    1. Thank you for the comment lovely. I am sooo excited about this. I feel silly about starting so late :) haha

  2. Oh how cute he is! I have two little boys and even though I don't have mummy-baby blog I will be following yours and looking forward to your posts, especially as I love your beauty blog already:)

  3. Zachary is such a cutie pie! I can't wait to read about what you guys get up to, and maybe get some tips for my little man! xx

  4. Oh my gosh our boys are so close in age. My son Noel turns 3 on the 19th of June. Looking forward to following this blog too, love The Black Pearl Blog! Your make up looks gorgeous in this pic!