Monday 15 September 2014

OOTD: First Day At School/Nursery with House Of Fraser

When House Of Fraser asked me to share my thoughts about Zachary starting school/nursery and pick an outfit for his first day, I couldn't say no. I was planning to write about it anyway, so this post is the perfect opportunity. 

I am not going to lie, sending Zachary to nursery/school absolutely terrifies me. I am a big advocate of attachment parenting and spending as much time as possible with your child, but I also want Zachary to have fun with other kids, learn social skills and broaden his horizons. We actually tried to get a space for him in the closest nursery as soon as he turned 3, but we will have to wait till January. I am actually a bit relieved about it, because I don't think Zachary is ready for it.  I am not ready either... I love his company and looking after him 24/7 is something I really enjoy. I only leave him with his grandparents when I really NEED to and I think there has been less than 10 occasions like that so far, with only one overnight stay. I simply don't feel the need of 'getting a break' from my child. 

The fact that I can spend all my time with Zachary is priceless, so I am not too fussed about sending him to nursery asap. It's one of the perks of working from home and I couldn't be more grateful. I will definitely make sure he goes to nursery for at least 6-12 months before starting proper school to help him get used to it, but I know that I will be a complete emotional wreck when that happens. It's normal, right? 

If Zachary got a space in our chosen nursery this September, I would have dressed him in a very comfortable outfit to make sure he is as relaxed as possible. They don't wear uniforms at that age yet, so I can still experiment with different styles etc. Here are my picks:

DC Hat (old, TKmaxx)

I am in love with all the pieces and the quality of Benetton joggers and hoodie is exceptional! They are lovely and worth investing in. I think I found my new favourite brand for toddler basics! The little sneakers are absolutely beautiful too and I cannot believe that Zachary will grow out of them soon. I should have sized up. I am thinking about buying another pair in a bigger size, because they are the nicest shoes I have ever seen! The t-shirt was an absolute bargain, reduced from £14.00 to £5.50. 

Do you like this outfit? What does your toddler wear to nursery?

*all items, except hat, c/o House Of Fraser

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  1. My older son, Adam, had turned 3 in January so he started his nursery this September and I was absolutely terrified about him leaving me (even only for 3 hours) as I am, like you, staying with my boys at home and they never been left with anybody else for more than a couple of hours so it was hard to let him "go". But thankfully, he's fine and enjoys his school so I'm happy to see that. When the time comes you'll be ready :) Your boy looks absolutely cute!