Monday 21 December 2020

Project Life

Project Life is something I found through Pinterest and I have been thinking about doing it for a while. I love scrapbooking and I am quite crafty in general, so it seems perfect. I already print plenty of photos out and keep them in albums, but Project Life is more special. It is quite expensive though for what it is - simple binders with page protectors. Seriously overpriced in my opinion, but hey... it will be something nice to look back at as a family.

Anyway... I think I might invest in the basics,  so I am going to Hobbycraft this week to check out their offerings. I really hope they stock Project Life in my local store. I wanted to see it in real life before I buy it. If not, I will order online HERE. They currently offer 25% off.

Once you have the basics (binder and page protectors), you can either buy all the cute cards or print them out, as Pinterest has plenty of designs available for free.

 Do you think it is worth investing in? Or would you rather stick to traditional scrapbooking?

1 comment:

  1. I've thought about doing project life for a few years now but the price always put me off.

    25% off is a good deal though.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx